Say Cheese!

Back in 2014–wow, that feels like a lifetime ago–at Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado Springs, Kim Killion and Jennifer Jakes with The Killion Group put on a Cover Design workshop followed by a photo shoot workshop to show just what goes into getting as much out of a shoot as possible when shooting for stock photos to be used in cover designs.

My wonderful husband–what a great sport!–and I were the “mock” models for this shoot. It was hilarious! A model I am not.

But, Kim and Jen talked us through each theme. They put us through inspirational poses to historical/western to sexy urban stances that lit a bit o’ flame!

It was fun, funny, and a lot of work! Who would have known it would be so difficult to get my butt up in the air? Apparently, my lower back has no arch. LOL! 

My husband and I had an easy time getting close.

We already happen to like each other a lot–and I’m happy to report, still do. But it was an eye-opener to think of how models find chemistry with someone they just met or–eep!–might not even like.

Learning about the vision and knowledge that goes into a shoot was incredible.


I have a whole new appreciation for the art, skill, and attention that goes into making a cover that grabs a reader by the lapels and yanks them in for a closer look!

Click here to check out all the fun pics! Heehee!