To Read or Not to Read

Shakespeare is known for asking, “To be or not to be…that is the question.”

Well, answering that question would take an infinitely long time to answer. Time this blog post can’t accommodate, so I propose this…

To Read or Not to Read…as in…what’s YOUR poison?

A book/ereader in hand or audible?

For me it isn’t the how, but rather…the story!

And it isn’t which I prefer, but rather…what will my schedule allow?

To sit and read a book (in any form) requires an amount of time where I can attend to the act of reading, but sometimes I can’t find it in my day…outside of a few minutes in the bathroom. LOL! And yes, I have books in there!

And that lack of time is where audible comes in for me. I can learn a lot, get lost in a story, or dive deep in a spiritual learning with audible when I’m driving or jogging. This has opened up a whole knew line item of time for me that I didn’t realize I had.

And it’s amazing.

My husband, for example, reads continuously for work. So the last thing he wants to do is come home and read some more. So he listens to things his mind and heart and body craves during his commute to and from work. Audible for him has been an incredible enhancement to his life.

So, I don’t think it’s to read or not…but what kind of story delivery does your life have the time for!!