Chocolate Sparks Joy Amid Clutter

I’d do anything to declutter my condo, just don’t ask me to do that…

Recently, I jumped on the Marie Kondo bandwagon and took a major whack at my tchotchkes. I had a mind-boggling number of cords to devices I no longer own. More travel tissues, hand sanitizers and nail files than this gal will ever go through in her lifetime. Pens galore…

The process took a numbing amount of hours over the course of a week and made my head ache. Turns out that decluttering is not for the faint of heart!

You need fortitude and possibly champagne and definitely chocolate to power through the “oh, but this is so cute/useful/unique” minefield without the whole process blowing up in your face.

(70% dark chocolate acted the role of stalwart companion if you’re wondering) 

You need to be willing to let go of some old stuff to make way for the new. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it’s a relief (don’t let the door hit you on the way out weird, brown cropped leggings [what was I thinking?!?]). 

And sometimes you put your foot down and just say no.

Nope, not happening. That is a Bridge Too Far, thankyouverymuch, and I’m not having it. 

Such is the case with my chocolate RITA (r). Isn’t she darling?

And what an inspiration in all her gold foil finery.

RITA is the Romancelandia equivalent of the Oscar, the stuff of dreams for many romance writers. 

This particular RITA is over four years old. I got her in New York City at the annual conference of Romance Writers of America. I suspect her chocolate innards have long since become inedible. Frankly, I’m a little surprised she hasn’t turned to dust (yes, I’m a veteran of keeping sentimental chocolate long enough for it to turn into dust. It’s definitely possible. Don’t judge.).

But, oh. 

Oh, if the primary tenet of Tidying Up is to hold on to only the things that spark joy, it’s no wonder I’m not letting this lady go.

She’s a touchstone, a symbol of hard work, growth, dreaming big and getting things done. 

She is the chocolate of ambition and pragmatism, perseverance and anticipation, tears and hope, love and so many, many Happily Ever Afters.

I am never throwing that away.  Or eating it. (Even if I learn she’s 70% dark chocolate…)

  1. Thanks for a humorous look at the proverbial junk drawer! And I am surprised you didn’t eat Chocolate Rita at the ceremony … I did!

  2. Dark chocolate is my weakness. Well, that and malted ball and cold M&Ms and Reese Cups … you get the point.

    That is so funny about the chocolate Rita. I would totally do that too. And I am planning to do some major celebrating with you in NYC this year. **fingers crossed**

  3. Thank you for this! I just decluttered a lot of promo pens, but I will never let go of my chocolate RITAs either. At that same NYC RWA, I sent my spouse to swipe them off all the other tables where people had left theirs (who does that??) and I gave them to my beta reader, niece, nephew, mom, my own kids, and some for myself — my spouse worked hard to get me those RITAs! (** although yes, I worked harder to get there). Thank you for reassuring me that I am not alone in what often feels like a solitary profession.

    Your post, shared by Kim Lowe, gave me a big smile in the middle of 6 days of snowstorms. Thank you!