Mistake Turned Blessing

My many year old coffee pot died this weekend. It would turn on, but didn’t do anything else. I didn’t panic. It’s one of the cheapest Mr. Coffee pots made, so ordering another one from Amazon for $20 with free shipping since we’re Prime members was not that big of a deal. The problem is having coffee now.

Well, that turned out to be okay too. Last year, when I was using a Keurig, which I still have for heating water for tea in my office, I accidentally ordered coffee in bags instead of the K-cups. I was devastated and embarrassed that I would make such a mistake. Turns out, I was able to use them when we rented a place to stay while doing college tours with my daughter last spring. It made the trip so much easier.

Now, I have them for little emergencies like this. I don’t yet have my coffee maker, but I do have coffee. 🙂

And although I had to by a new coffee maker, it is still less expensive than the k-cups I was having to replenish so frequently, and I think the coffee tastes better.

Have you ever made a poor decision that turned out to be good in the long run? Sometimes there really are silver linings to mistakes.

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