Fitness with Friends

It started out as a simple text that went something like, “Hey, I’m thinking about doing T25 starting August 1st. You guys want to join me?”

My first thought was “what is that”?

Turns out, it’s an exercise program that asks you to do 25 minutes of focused exercises each day. At first, I was thinking, “No way, I nearly broke my body when I tried P90X.” But, after giving it some serious thought, I decided to go for it. It helped that I was going to be doing it with two peers who I love and respect for motivation and accountability. Although we don’t live near each other and can only check in virtually, it’s nice to know I’m not doing it alone, better yet, I’m doing it with friends.

When people learned what we were doing, we had others join in and have now created a Facebook page where we all share sweaty post workout selfies and cheer each other on. There are over forty of us now!

I have only lost two pounds in the four weeks we’ve been going, but I am more fit. Hopefully that gain in muscle will eventually translate into a loss of fat, but I haven’t been as good about limiting my eating as I should the last two weeks. Now that school has started back, I’m optimistic I can get into a routine with the kids and mealtimes will be easier to manage.

There are days that I dread doing my workout, but as soon as I’m done, I feel great about myself. I know if I had not been accountable to others, I probably would have skipped it.

I’m thankful for Fitness with Friends.

How do you stay active?


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  1. Congrats, Lori! Keep with it!

    Since I’ve been working from home, I wrestled my treadmill out of my bedroom where it had been serving as a blanket and bedspread holder, out of sight and mind. Now it’s in the living, facing the TV. No more avoidance!