Writing in Pajamas

Most days I work from home, but I’ve never been able to spend the day writing in my pajamas!

I’ve heard many authors talk about how they love being able to roll out of bed and work all day in their pj’s with no bra and no need to brush their hair. It’s one of the best perks of being able to work from home. I have never been able to do this and I envy people who can.

I love the flexibility of writing. I can do something I love and it can be done anywhere. But in order for me to treat it like a business there has to be dedicated time to sitting with my butt in a chair working. I feel like a slouch and I’m easily distracted if I’m not dressed for it.

Getting up, having my coffee, putting the girls in place and getting dressed gives me the feeling that I’m ready to face the day. Some days I even get out of the house to write with friends at a coffee house or go to the quiet room at a library. Variety seems to increase my creativity and attention span.

That doesn’t mean I never get cozy to work. Some of my most productive writing sessions happen at night when I slip into my soft kitty cat pants and a t-shirt with a glass of wine. Strangely enough, pj’s at night do inspire me to keep writing.

Is it odd to get “fixed up” to work from home? I would love to hear that I’m not the only one.